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In progress Super Spanish Class

Super Spanish Class

In World Languages
0:30 Hours
8 Apr 2022
In progress Learn Chemistry With Fun Projects in Minecraft

Learn Chemistry With Fun Projects in Minecraft

In School Subjects
0:30 Hours
8 Apr 2022
In progress Roblox - Make your own Game

Roblox - Make your own Game

In Tech & Coding
0:45 Hours
6 May 2022
In progress Arabic Learning Speech

Arabic Learning Speech

In World Languages
0:30 Hours
8 Apr 2022


#What our customers say about us

Jasmine (8 years old)

Jasmine (8 years old)


My daughter loves the class, she keeps asking when we can do it again, and the teacher is very patient and

makes sure everyone is following the steps..This is the first time I enrolled my kids in an online class.

I'll definitely do it again.I really like how this website has many interesting classes, saves me a lot of time

looking for the right resources for my

daughter explore her interest

Cris (9 years old)

Cris (9 years old)


I was skeptical about online learning

at first, but I was amazed when my kid

figured out 3 digit multiplication in

3 seconds.I recommend Sweetly, she's

funny and keeps my son interested.

My son likes how MasterChamps

connects him with teachers from

all over the world, so he can make

friends from all over the world and

learn things he wouldn't get

from school.  

Derrick (11 years old)

Derrick (11 years old)


My friend told me about

MasterChamps when I was looking

for mandarin class.After the first class,

I signed up for the course as I noticed

my son who has zero Mandarin

knowledge was improving. He's so

far on his third class, and that day

we found out he able to order food

in Mandarin in the Chinese restaurant.

We were shocked!

Bravo, MasterChamps!

Parents, you should try it.

Tzi Wei (15 years old)

Tzi Wei (15 years old)


I had a hard time finding coding

classes in my area,so my friend

introduced me to MasterChamps.

My son loves learning how to

make a game from teacher Henry.

I'm recommending it to more friends.

Jay (8 years old)

Jay (8 years old)


Excellent teacher, affordable price,

Teacher Ida puts her heart into

teaching, My boy's French is

improving with every lesson.

MegKei (15 years old)

MegKei (15 years old)


Throughout the summer break, my

children have been learning with

MasterChamps. Great teachers,

they keep my kids engaged

throughout the class. I saved a

lot of time searching for courses

for my children


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